Ready BLI Detection Kits


CHO Host Cell Protein | Residual Protein A

Ready BLI Detection kits from ForteBio are complete, validated assay kits designed to work with BLI instrumentation. The kits have been developed as simplified alternative to more time-consuming methods such as ELISA. All biosensors and reagents are provided to enable sensitive multi-step immunoassays to be performed on Octet systems with simple, efficient, automated workflows. Ready BLI Detection Kits are supported by detailed technical literature and ForteBio’s world-class technical support team.

Dip and Read Assay Kit

Anti-CHO HCP Detection Kit

For CHO Host Cell Protein Detection


  • Completely hands-off, walk-away analysis on the Octet HTX system
  • Fully analyzed HCP results for 96 samples in one hour
  • High precision quantitation with 5-10% CVs
  • Detection sensitivity as low as 0.5 ng/mL
Dip and Read Assay Kit

Residual Protein A Detection Kit

For Quantitation of Leached Protein A in Bioprocess Samples


  • Quantitation of recombinant Protein A constructs and MabSelect SuRe
  • Sensitivity down to 100 pg/mL
  • Automated detection with minimal hands-on time
  • Analyze 96 samples in under 2 hours on the Octet HTX system