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  N6L Pseudopeptide Interferes with Nucleophosmin Protein-protein Interactions and Sensitizes Leukemic Cells to Chemotherapy
De Cola A, et al., Cancer Letters, 412:272-282, 2018

  Structural Activation of Pro-inflammatory Human Cytokine IL-23 by Cognate IL-23 Receptor Enables Recruitment of the Shared Receptor IL-12Rβ1
Bloch Y, et al., Immunity, 48(1):45-58.e6, 2018

  Infants Infected with Respiratory Syncytial Virus Generate Potent Neutralizing Antibodies that Lack Somatic Hypermutation
Goodwin E, et al., Immunity,, 2018

  A Novel One-step Approach for the Construction of Yeast Surface Display Fab Antibody Libraries
Rosowski S, et al., Microb Cell Fact., 17(1):3, 2018

  Structural and Functional Insights into S-thiolation of Human Serum Albumins
Nakashima F, et al., Sci Rep., 8(1):932, 2018

  Interplay Between CedA, rpoB and Double Stranded DNA: A Step Towards Understanding CedA Mediated Cell Division in E. coli
Sharma P, Tomar AK, and Kundu B, Int J Biol Macromol., 107(Pt B):2026-2033, 2018

  The Use of a GroEL-BLI Biosensor to Rapidly Assess Preaggregate Populations for Antibody Solutions Exhibiting Different Stability Profiles
Pace SE, et al., J Pharm Sci., 107(2):559-570, 2018

  Near Infrared Fluorescence Imaging of EGFR Expression In Vivo Using IRDye800CW-nimotuzumab
Bernhard W, et al., Oncotarget, 9:6213-6227, 2018

  Imaging PD-L1 Expression with ImmunoPET
Truillet C, et al., Bioconjug Chem., 29(1):96-103, 2018


  P15 Peptide Stimulates Chondrogenic Commitment and Endochondral Ossification
Zhang J, et al., Int Orthop., 41(7):1413-1422, 2017

  Unravelling the Molecular Basis of High Affinity Nanobodies against HIV p24: In Vitro Functional, Structural, and in Silico Insights
Gray ER, et al., ACS Infect Dis., 3(7):479-491, 2017

  Zika Virus Activates De Novo and Cross-Reactive Memory B Cell Responses in Dengue-Experienced Donors
Rogers TF, et al., Sci Immunol., 2(14). pii: eaan6809, 2017

  AraC-like Transcriptional Activator CuxR Binds c-di-GMP by a PilZ-like Mechanism to Regulate Extracellular Polysaccharide Production
Schaper S, et al., Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A, doi: 10.1073/pnas.1702435114, 2017

  Synthetic Single Domain Antibodies for the Conformational Trapping of Membrane Proteins
Zimmermann I, et al., bioRxiv, doi:, 2017

  A Covalently Bound Inhibitor Triggers EZH2 Degradation Through CHIP-mediated Ubiquitination
Wang X, et al., EMBO J, 36(9):1243-1260, 2017

  A Dock and Coalesce Mechanism Driven by Hydrophobic Interactions Governs Cdc42 Binding with its Effector Protein ACK
Tetley GJN, et al., J Biol Chem, doi: 10.1074/jbc.M117.789883, 2017

  Phage Display Analysis of Monoclonal Antibody Binding to Anthrax Toxin Lethal Factor
Goldstein J, et al., Toxins, 9(7), 221, 2017

  Characterization of A Stable HIV-1 B/C Recombinant, Soluble, and Trimeric Envelope Glycoprotein (Env) Highly Resistant to CD4-Induced Conformational Changes
Kumar R, et al., J Biol Chem., 292(38):15849-15858, 2017

  A High-Throughput Platform for Population Reformatting and Mammalian Expression of Phage Display Libraries to Enable Functional Screening as Full-Length IgG
Xiao X, et al., MAbs, 9(6):996-1006, 2017

  Computational Design of Trimeric Influenza-Neutralizing Proteins Targeting the Hemagglutinin Receptor Binding Site
Strauch EM, et al., Nat Biotechnol., 35(7):667-671, 2017

  Vesicular Stomatitis Virus N Protein-specific Single-domain Antibody Fragments Inhibit Replication
Hanke L, et al., EMBO Rep, 18(6):1027-1037, 2017

  Tumor-secreted Anterior Gradient-2 Binds to VEGF and FGF2 and Enhances Their Activities by Promoting Their Homodimerization
Guo H, et al., Oncogene, doi: 10.1038/onc.2017.132, 2017

  Enhancement of Antibody Functions Through Fc Multiplications
Wang Q, et al., Mabs, 9(3):393-403, 2017

  Immunodominant Protein MIP_05962 from Mycobacterium Indicus Pranii Displays Chaperone Activity
Sharma A, et al., FEBS J, 284(9):1338-1354, 2017

  Structural Basis of the Human Endoglin-BMP9 Interaction: Insights into BMP Signaling and HHT1
Saito T, et al., Cell Rep, 19(9):1917-1928, 2017

  Binding of the Methyl Donor S-Adenosyl-l-Methionine to Middle East Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus 2'-O-Methyltransferase nsp16 Promotes Recruitment of the Allosteric Activator nsp10
Aouadi W, et al., J Virol, 91(5). pii: e02217-16, 2017

  Virus-like Particles Identify an HIV V1V2 Apex-Binding Neutralizing Antibody that Lacks a Protruding Loop
Cale EM, et al., Immunity, 46(5):777-791.e10, 2017

  Autophosphorylation-based Calcium (Ca2+) Sensitivity Priming and Ca2+/Calmodulin Inhibition of Arabidopsis thaliana Ca2+-dependent Protein Kinase 28 (CPK28)
Bender KW, et al., J Biol Chem, 292(10):3988-4002, 2017


  Fragment-Linking Approach Using 19F NMR Spectroscopy To Obtain Highly Potent and Selective Inhibitors of β‑Secretase
Jordan JB et al., J Med Chem, 59: 3732-3749, 2016

  Immunodominant West Nile Virus T Cell Epitopes Are Fewer in Number and Fashionably Late
Kaabinejadian S, et al., J Immunol, 196: 4263-4273, 2016

  Protein-Flavonoid Interaction Studies by a Taylor Dispersion Surface Plasmon Resonance (SPR) Technique: A Novel Method to Assess Biomolecular Interactions
Vachali PP, Li B, Besch B, Bernstein PS, Biosensors, 6(6), 2016


  AZ17: a new bispecific drug targeting IL-6 and IL-23 with potential clinical use—improves psoriasis in a human xenograft transplantation model
Karin Stenderup et. al., Protein Engineering, Design and Selection, 28(10):467-480, 2015

  Measurement of Free Versus Total Therapeutic Monoclonal Antibody in Pharmacokinetic Assessment is Modulated by Affinity, Incubation Time, and Bioanalytical Platform
Talbot JJ, et al., AAPS J, 17(6):1446-54, 2015

  Dengue Virus prM-Specific Human Monoclonal Antibodies with Virus Replication-Enhancing Properties Recognize a Single Immunodominant Antigenic Site
Smith S, et al., J Virol, 90(2):780-9, 2015

  A Search for Synergy in the Binding Kinetics of Trastuzumab and Pertuzumab Whole and F(ab) to Her2
Lua WH, et al., npj Breast Cancer, doi:10.1038/npjbcancer.2015.12, 2015

  Restoring Anticancer Immune Response by Targeting Tumor-Derived Exosomes With a HSP70 Peptide Aptamer
Gobbo J, et al., J Natl Cancer Inst, 108(3). pii: djv330, 2015

  Conserved Role of an N-Linked Glycan on the Surface Antigen of Human Immunodeficiency Virus Type 1 Modulating Virus Sensitivity to Broadly Neutralizing Antibodies against the Receptor and Coreceptor Binding Sites
Townsley S, et al., J Virol., 28;90(2):829-41, 2015

  Immunogenicity of a Prefusion HIV-1 Envelope Trimer in Complex with a Quaternary-Structure-Specific Antibody
Cheng C, et al., J Virol., 90(6):2740-55, 2015

  H5N1 Vaccine-Elicited Memory B Cells Are Genetically Constrained by the IGHV Locus in the Recognition of a Neutralizing Epitope in the Hemagglutinin Stem
Wheatley A, et al., J Immunol, 195(2):602-10, 2015

  Heat Shock Protein 90 Mediates the Apoptosis and Autophage in Nicotinic-Mycoepoxydiene-Treated HeLa Cells
Sun Y, et al., Acta Biochim Biophys Sin (Shanghai), 47(6):451-8, 2015

  Helicobacter Pylori FlhA Binds the Sensor Kinase and Flagellar Gene Regulatory Protein FlgS with High Affinity
Tsang J, et al., J Bacteriol, 197(11):1886-92, 2015

  Heterogeneous IgG Interacts with FcRn and Its Transport Across Gastrointestinal Barrier
Pang G, et al., Food and Agricultural Immunology, DOI:10.1080/09540105.2014.918588, 2015

  High Throughput Cross-Interaction Measures for Human IgG1 Antibodies Correlate with Clearance Rates in Mice
Kelly R, et al., MAbs, 7(4):770-7, 2015

  Identification and Structure Solution of Fragment Hits Against Kinetoplastid N-Myristoyltransferase
Robinson D, Wyatt P, Acta Crystallogr F Struct Biol Commun , 71(Pt 5):586-93, 2015

  Identification of a Common Epitope Between Enterovirus 71 and Human MED25 Proteins Which May Explain Virus-Associated Neurological Disease
Fan P, et al., Viruses, 27;7(4):1558-77, 2015

  Identification of Malaria Parasite-Infected Red Blood Cell Surface Aptamers by Inertial Microfluidic SELEX (I-SELEX)
Birch C, et al., Sci Rep, 1;5:11347, 2015

  Identification of the Base-Pairing Requirements for Repression of hctA Translation by the Small RNA IhtA Leads to the Discovery of a New mRNA Target in Chlamydia trachomatis
Grieshaber N, et al., PLoS One , 10(3):e0116593, 2015

  Immunotherapy Based on Bispecific T-Cell Engager with hIgG1 Fc Sequence as a New Therapeutic Strategy in Multiple Myeloma
Zou J, et al., Cancer Sci, 106(5):512-21, 2015

  In Silico Discovery and Validation of Potent Small-Molecule Inhibitors Targeting the Activation Function 2 Site of Human Oestrogen Receptor α
Singh K, et al., Breast Cancer Res, 17:27, 2015

  Inhibition of Type VI Secretion by an Anti-TssM Llama Nanobody
Nguyen V, et al., PLoS One , 10(3):e0122187, 2015

  Interaction of AIM with Insulin-Like Growth Factor-Binding Protein-4
You Q, et al., Int J Mol Med, Epub ahead of print, 2015

  Isolation and Characterization of Broad and Ultrapotent Human Monoclonal Antibodies with Therapeutic Activity Against Chikungunya Virus
Smith S, et al., Cell Host Microbe, 18(1):86-95, 2015

  Kinetics Characterization of Ligand-Receptor Interactions Using Oblique-Incidence Reflectivity Difference Method
Liu S, Yang G, Methods in Pharmacology and Toxicology, pp 111-118, 2015

  Mapping and Quantitation of the Interaction Between the Recombination Activating Gene Proteins RAG1 and RAG2
Zhang Y, et al., J Biol Chem, 290(19):11802-17, 2015

  Maturation of the Proteasome Core Particle Induces an Affinity Switch That Controls Regulatory Particle Association
Wani P, et al., Nat Commun , doi: 10.1038/ncomms7384, 2015

  Measuring Protein-Protein and Protein-Nucleic Acid Interactions by Bio-Layer Interferometry
Sultana A, Lee J, Curr Protoc Protein Sci, 79:19.25.1-19.25.26, 2015

  Mechanism of Human Antibody-Mediated Neutralization of Marburg Virus
Flyak A, et al., Cell, 160(5):893-903, 2015

  Mechanisms Mediating Enhanced Neutralization Efficacy of Staphylococcal Enterotoxin B by Combinations of Monoclonal Antibodies
Dutta K, et al., J Biol Chem , 13;290(11):6715-30, 2015

  Milk Matrix Effects on Antibody Binding Analyzed by Enzyme-Linked Immunosorbent Assay and Bio-Layer Interferometry
Brandon D, Adams L, J Agric Food Chem , 63(13):3593-8, 2015

  Molecular Determinants of Polyubiquitin Recognition by Continuous Ubiquitin-Binding Domains of Rad18
Thach T, et al., Biochemistry, 54(12):2136-48, 2015

  Moraxella catarrhalis Binds Plasminogen to Evade Host Innate Immunity
Singh B, et al., Infect Immun, Epub ahead of print, 2015

  mRNA Maturation in Giant Viruses: Variation on a Theme
Priet S, et al., Nucleic Acids Res, 20;43(7):3776-88, 2015

  Mycobacterium tuberculosis RpfE Promotes Simultaneous Th1- and Th17-Type T-cell Immunity via TLR4-Dependent Maturation of Dendritic Cells
Choi H, et al., Eur J Immunol, 45(7):1957-71, 2015

  Nonbinding Site-Directed Mutants of Transferrin Binding Protein B Exhibit Enhanced Immunogenicity and Protective Capabilities
Frandoloso R, et al., Infect Immun, 83(3):1030-8, 2015

  Novel Mechanism of Regulation of Tomato Bushy Stunt Virus Replication by Cellular WW-Domain Proteins
Barajas D, et al., J Virol, 89(4):2064-79, 2015

  Oligomerization of FtsZ Converts the FtsZ Tail Motif (CCTP) into a Multivalent Ligand with High Avidity for Partners ZipA and SlmA
Du S, Park K, Lutkenhaus J, Mol Microbiol, 95(2):173-88, 2015

  Oncogenic and RASopathy-Associated K-RAS Mutations Relieve Membrane-Dependent Occlusion of the Effector-Binding Site
Mazhab-Jafari M, et al., Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A, 112(21):6625-30, 2015

  Patient-Specific Neutralizing Antibody Responses to Herpes Simplex Virus are Attributed to Epitopes on Either gD, gB, or Both and Can Be Type-Specific
Cairns T, et al., J Virol, pii: JVI.01213-15, 2015

  Plasmodium falciparum Adhesion Domains Linked to Severe Malaria Differ in Blockade of Endothelial Protein C Receptor
Sampath S, et al., Cell Microbiol, DOI: 10.1111/cmi.12478, 2015

  Predicting the Uncertain Future of Aptamer-Based Diagnostics and Therapeutics
Bruno J, Molecules, 20(4):6866-87, 2015

  Preexisting Immunity, More Than Aging, Influences Influenza Vaccine Responses
Reber A, et al., Oxford Journals, doi: 10.1093/ofid/ofv052, 2015

  Antigenicity and Immunogenicity of a Trimeric Envelope Protein from an Indian Clade C HIV-1 Isolate
Sneha Priya R, et al., J Biol Chem, 290(14):9195-208, 2015

  Assembly of Cellulases with Synthetic Protein Scaffolds In Vitro
Yu T, et al., Bioresources and Bioprocessing, 2:16, 2015

  Bacterial Cytoplasmic Display Platform Retained Display (ReD) Identifies Stable Human Germline Antibody Frameworks
Beasley M, et al., Biotechnol J, 10(5):783-9, 2015

  Bio-Layer Interferometry of a Multivalent Sulfated Virus Nanoparticle with Heparin-Like Anticoagulant Activity
Groner M, etal., Anal Bioanal Chem, 407(19):5843-7, 2015

  Biophysical Measurement of the Balance of Influenza A Hemagglutinin and Neuraminidase Activities
Benton D, et al., J Biol Chem, 290(10):6516-21, 2015

  Biophysical Methods for Identifying Fragment-Based Inhibitors of Protein-Protein Interactions
Pfaff S, et al., Methods Mol Biol, 1278:587-613, 2015

  BMI1-RING1B is an Autoinhibited RING E3 Ubiquitin Ligase
Taherbhoy A, Huang O, Cochran A, Nat Commun, 5.542361111, 2015

  Boosting Antibody Developability Through Rational Sequence Optimization
Seeliger D, et al., MAbs, 7(3):505-15, 2015

  Broadly Neutralizing Human Immunodeficiency Virus Type 1 Antibody Gene Transfer Protects Non-Human Primates from Mucosal Simian-Human Immunodeficiency Virus Infection
Saunders K, et al., J Virol, doi: 10.1128/JVI.00908-15, 2015

  Cellular Uptake and Ultrastructural Localization Underlie the Pro-Apoptotic Activity of a Hydrocarbon-Stapled BIM BH3 Peptide
Edwards A, et al., ACS Chem Biol, DOI: 10.1021/acschembio.5b00214, 2015

  Characterization of Protective Immune Response Elicited by a Trimeric Envelope Protein from an Indian Clade C HIV-1 Isolate in Rhesus Macaques
Menon V, et al., J Med Primatol, doi: 10.1111/jmp.12178, 2015

  Circulating Levels of sFlt1 Splice Variants as Predictive Markers for the Development of Preeclampsia
Souders C, et al., Int J Mol Sci, 16(6):12436-53, 2015

  Comparable Antigenicity and Immunogenicity of Oligomeric Forms of a Novel, Acute HIV-1 Subtype C gp145 Envelope for Use in Preclinical and Clinical Vaccine Research
Wieczorek L, et al., J Virol, 89(15):7478-93, 2015

  Conditional Trimerization and Lytic Activity of HIV-1 gp41 Variants Containing the Membrane-Associated Segments
Dai Z, et al., Biochemistry, 54(8):1589-99, 2015

  Construction of an Antimyoglobin Single-Chain Variable Fragment with Rapid Reaction Kinetics
Jang J, et al., Biotechnol Appl Biochem, DOI: 10.1002/bab.1349, 2015

  Crystal Structure of the Bloom's Syndrome Helicase Indicates a Role for the HRDC Domain in Conformational Changes
Newman J, et al., Nucleic Acids Res, 43(10):5221-35, 2015

  Crystal Structure, Conformational Fixation and Entry-Related Interactions of Mature Ligand-Free HIV-1 Env
Do Kwon Y, et al., Nat Struct Mol Biol, 22(7):522-31, 2015

  C-Terminal Amino Acids Are Essential for Human Heat Shock Protein 70 Dimerization
Marcion G, et al., Cell Stress and Chaperones, pp 61-72, 2015

  Detection of Mycobacterium tuberculosis Based on H37Rv Binding Peptides Using Surface Functionalized Magnetic Microspheres Coupled with Quantum Dots - A Nano Detection Method for Mycobacterium Tuberculosis
Yang H, et al., Int J Nanomedicinev, 10:77-88, 2015

  Directed Evolution of a Yeast-Displayed HIV-1 SOSIP gp140 Spike Protein Toward Improved Expression and Affinity for Conformational Antibodies.
Grimm S, Battles M, Ackerman M, PLoS One, 10(2), 2015

  Directed Evolution of anti-HER2 DARPins by SNAP display reveals stability/function trade-offs in the selection process
Houlihan G, et al., Protein Eng Des Sel, pii: gzv029 Epub ahead of print, 2015

  Discovery of MINC1, a GTPase-Activating Protein Small Molecule Inhibitor, Targeting MgcRacGAP
van Adrichem A, et al., Comb Chem High Throughput Screen, 18(1):3-17, 2015

  Dose-Dependent Biphasic Leptin-Induced Proliferation Is Caused by Non-Specific IL-6/NF-κB Pathway Activation in Human Myometrial Cells
Barrichon M, et al., Br J Pharmacol, 172(12):2974-90, 2015

  During Cytochrome c Maturation CcmI Chaperones Class I Apocytochromes Until the Formation of Their b-Type Cytochrome Intermediates
Verissimo A, Shroff N, Daldal F, J Biol Chem, 290(27):16989-7003., 2015

  Exploiting Light Chains for the Scalable Generation and Platform Purification of Native Human Bispecific IgG
Fischer N, et al., Nat Commun, doi: 10.1038/ncomms7113, 2015

  Exploration of the HIF-1α/p300 Interface Using Peptide and Adhiron Phage Display Technologies
Kyle H, et al., Mol Biosyst, DOI: 10.1039/C5MB00284B, 2015

  Five Birds, One Stone: Neutralization of α-Hemolysin and 4 bi-Component Leukocidins of Staphylococcus aureus with a Single Human Monoclonal Antibody
Rouha H, et al., MAbs, 7(1):243-54, 2015

  Generation and Characterization of Human Monoclonal Antibodies Targeting Anthrax Protective Antigen following Vaccination with a Recombinant Protective Antigen Vaccine
Chi X, et al., Clin Vaccine Immunol, 22(5):553-60, 2015

  Glutathione Activates Virulence Gene Expression of an Intracellular Pathogen
Reniere M, et al., Nature, 517(7533):170-3, 2015

  Group Selection and Contribution of Minority Variants During Virus Adaptation Determines Virus Fitness and Phenotype
Borderia A, et al., PLoS Pathog, 11(5):e1004838, 2015

  A Broadly Neutralizing Human Monoclonal Antibody Exhibits In Vivo Efficacy Against Both Human Metapneumovirus and Respiratory Syncytial Virus
Schuster J, et al., J Infect Dis, 211(2):216-25, 2015

  A Fully Human Monoclonal Antibody with Novel Binding Epitope and Excellent Neutralizing Activity to Multiple Human IFN-α Subtypes: a Candidate Therapy for Systemic Lupus Erythematosus
Du P, et al., MAbs, 7(5):969-80, 2015

  A High-Affinity Native Human Antibody Neutralizes Human Cytomegalovirus Infection of Diverse Cell Types
Kauvar L, et al., Antimicrob Agents Chemother, 59(3):1558-68, 2015

  A Human Monoclonal IgG That Binds Aβ Assemblies and Diverse Amyloids Exhibits Anti-Amyloid Activities In Vitro and In Vivo
Levites Y, et al., J Neurosci, 22;35(16):6265-76, 2015

  A Human-Infecting H10N8 Influenza Virus Retains a Strong Preference for Avian-Type Receptors
Zhang H, et al., Cell Host Microbe, 11;17(3):377-84, 2015

  A Multi-Pronged Investigation into the Effect of Glucose Starvation and Culture Duration on Fed-Batch CHO Cell Culture
Fan Y, et al., Biotechnol Bioeng, 112(10):2172-84, 2015

  A Mutant Tat Protein Inhibits HIV-1 Reverse Transcription by Targeting the Reverse Transcription Complex
Lin M, et al., J Virol, 89(9):4827-36, 2015

  A Novel In Vitro Assay to Predict Neonatal Fc Receptor-Mediated Human IgG Half-Life
Souders C, et al., MAbs, 7(5):912-21, 2015

  Acetylproteomic Analysis Reveals Functional Implications of Lysine Acetylation in Human Spermatozoa (sperm)
Yu H, et al., Mol Cell Proteomics, 14(4):1009-23, 2015

  Aerobic Growth of Escherichia coli Is Reduced and ATP Synthesis Is Selectively Inhibited When Five C-Terminal Residues Are Deleted from the ε Subunit of ATP Synthase
Shah N, Duncan T, J Biol Chem , 290(34):21032-41, 2015

  Amplification Systems of Weak Interaction Biosensors: Applications and Prospects
Wang X, et al., Emerald Insight, DOI:, 2015

  Antibody Mimetic Receptor Proteins for Label-Free Biosensors
Raina M, et al., Analyst, 140(3):803-10, 2015

  Immunogenicity Assessment of Biotherapeutic Products: An Overview of Assays and Their Utility
Wadhwa M, et al., Biologicals, 43(5):298-306, 2015

  Reverse Engineering of Vaccine Antigens Using High Throughput Sequencing-Enhanced mRNA Display
Nini Gu, et al., Science Direct, 2(8):857-65, 2015

  Therapeutic Intradermal Delivery of Tumor Necrosis Factor-Alpha Antibodies Using Tip-Loaded Dissolvable Microneedle Arrays
Korkmaz E, et al., Acta Biomater, pii: S1742-7061(15)00284-6, 2015

  pH Recycling Aqueous Two-Phase Systems Applied in Extraction of Maitake β-Glucan and Mechanism Analysis Using Low-Field Nuclear Magnetic Resonance
Hou 1, Cao X, J Chromatogr A, 1405:40-8, 2015

  Clinical Immunosensing of Tuberculosis CFP-10 Antigen in Urine Using Interferometric Optical Fiber Array
Kim J, et al., Science Direct, 10.1016/j.snb.2015.04.046, 2015

  Identification of Outer Membrane Porin D as a Vitronectin-binding Factor in Cystic Fibrosis Clinical Isolates of Pseudomonas Aeruginosa
Paulsson M, et al., J Cyst Fibros, pii: S1569-1993(15)00120-4, 2015

  Rapid and Sensitive Detection of Norovirus Antibodies in Human Serum with a Biolayer Interferometry Biosensor
Auer S, et al., Science Direct, doi:10.1016/j.snb.2015.06.088, 2015

  Sustained Brown Fat Stimulation and Insulin Sensitization by a Humanized Bispecific Antibody Agonist for Fibroblast Growth Factor Receptor 1/βKlotho Complex
Kolumam G, et al., EBioMedicine, 2(7):730-43, 2015

  Optimal Fusion of Antibody Binding Domains Resulted in Higher Affinity and Wider Specificity
Dong J, et al., J Biosci Bioeng, pii: S1389-1723(15)00141-3, 2015

  Highly Stable Aptamers Selected from a 2'-Fully Modified fGmH RNA Library for Targeting Biomaterials
Friedman A, Kim D, Liu R, Biomaterials, 36:110-23, 2015

  A Newly Designed Molecule J2326 for Alzheimer's Disease Disaggregates Amyloid Fibrils and Induces Neurite Outgrowth
Chang P, et al., Neuropharmacology, 92:146-57, 2015

  Aptamers as a Replacement for Antibodies in Enzyme-Linked Immunosorbent Assay
Toh S, et al., Biosens Bioelectron, 64:392-403, 2015


  Fasxiator, a novel factor XIa inhibitor from snake venom, and its site-specific mutagenesis to improve potency and selectivity
Chen W, et al., J Thromb Haemost, 13(2):248-261, 2014

  The Identification, Analysis and Structure-Based Development of Novel Inhibitors of 6-Hydroxymethyl-7,8-dihydropterin Pyrophosphokinase
Yun MK, et al., Bioorg & Med Chem, 22: 2157-2165, 2014

  Predicting the Origins of Anti-blood Group Antibody Specificity: A Case Study of the ABO A-and B-antigens Supplementary Material
Makeneni S, et al., Front Immunol, 22;5:397, 2014

  Recognition of the Small Regulatory RNA RydC by the Bacterial Hfq Protein
Dimastrogiovanni D, et al., Elife, 3 doi: 10.7554/eLife.05375, 2014

  Identification of a Misfolded Region in Superoxide Dismutase 1 that is Exposed in Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis
Rotunno MS, J Biol Chem, 289(41):28527-38, 2014

  Kinetic Titration Series with Biolayer Interferometry
Frenzel D, Willbold D., PLoS One, 9(9):e106882, 2014

  A Phospha-oseltamivir-biotin Conjugate as a Strong and Selective Adhesive for the Influenza Virus
Streicher H, et al., Bioorg Med Chem Lett, 24(7):1805-7, 2014

  Structure and Protein-protein Interactions of Methanol Dehydrogenase from Methylococcus Capsulatus (Bath)
Culpepper M, Rosenzweig A, Biochemistry, 53(39):6211-9, 2014

  The Spleen Tyrosine Kinase (Syk) Regulates Alzheimer Amyloid-β Production and Tau Hyperphosphorylation
Paris D, et al., J Biol Chem, 289(49):33927-44, 2014

  Strand-specific Recognition of DNA Damages by XPD Provides Insights into Nucleotide Excision Repair Substrate Versatility
Buechner C, et al., J Biol Chem , 289(6):3613-24, 2014

  Seed Sequence-matched Controls Reveal Limitations of Small Interfering RNA Knockdown in Functional and Structural Studies of Hepatitis C Virus NS5A-MOBKL1B Interaction
Chung H, et al., J Virol, 88(19):11022-33, 2014

  Chemical Biology. A bump-and-hole Approach to Engineer Controlled Selectivity of BET Bromodomain Chemical Probes
Baud M, et al., Science, 346(6209):638-41, 2014

  Structural and Biochemical Insights into the Activation Mechanisms of Germinal Center Kinase OSR1
Li C, et al., J Biol Chem , 289(52):35969-78, 2014

  Probing the Sites of Interactions of Rotaviral Proteins Involved in Replication
Viskovska M, et al., J Virol, 88(21):12866-81, 2014

  Development of a Protein Nanoparticle Platform for Targeting EGFR Expressing Cancer Cells
Jakob W, et al., Chemical Technology and Biotechnology, 90(7):1230-36, 2014

  Glypican-3-targeting F(ab')2 for 89Zr PET of Hepatocellular Carcinoma
Sham J, et al., J Nucl Med , 55(12):2032-7, 2014

  Plasmodium Falciparum Aldolase and the C-terminal Cytoplasmic Domain of Certain Apical Organellar Proteins Promote Actin Polymerization
Diaz S, et al., Mol Biochem Parasitol, 197(1-2):9-14, 2014

  Hyperglycosylated Stable Core Immunogens Designed to Present the CD4 Binding Site are Preferentially Recognized by Broadly Neutralizing Antibodies
Ingale J, et al., J Virol, 88(24):14002-16, 2014

  A von Willebrand Factor Fragment Containing the D'D3 Domains is Sufficient to Stabilize Coagulation Factor VIII in Mice
Yee A, et al., Blood, 124(3):445-52, 2014

  Exposure of Epitope Residues on the Outer Face of the Chikungunya Virus Envelope Trimer Determines Antibody Neutralizing Efficacy
Fong R, et al., J Virol, 88(24):14364-79, 2014

  MM-141, an IGF-IR- and ErbB3-directed Bispecific Antibody, Overcomes Network Adaptations that Limit Activity of IGF-IR Inhibitors
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  Envelope Variants Circulating as Initial Neutralization Breadth Developed in Two HIV-infected Subjects Stimulate Multiclade Neutralizing Antibodies in Rabbits
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Documents Found

Probing Structurally Altered and Aggregated States of Therapeutically Relevant Proteins Using a GroEL-Biosensor Coupled to Bio-layer Interferometry

  Probing Structurally Altered and Aggregated States of Therapeutically Relevant Proteins Using a GroEL-Biosensor Coupled to Bio-layer Interferometry

Octet Biolayer Interferometery: An Efficient Method to Detect Modular Transient Protein-Protein Interactions

  Octet Biolayer Interferometery: An Efficient Method to Detect Modular Transient Protein-Protein Interactions

AN 14: Biomolecular Binding Kinetics Assays on the Octet Platform

  AN 14: Biomolecular Binding Kinetics Assays on the Octet Platform

Characterisation of Novel Lipid-Protein Interactions Using Biolayer Interferometry

  Characterisation of Novel Lipid-Protein Interactions Using Biolayer Interferometry

Kinetics on the Octet Systems: What Lies Beneath the Curves

  Kinetics on the Octet Systems: What Lies Beneath the Curves

Use of Chaperone Proteins and Octet Bio-Layer Interferometry to Detect Protein Folding/Unfolding Events in a High-Throughput Format

  Use of Chaperone Proteins and Octet Bio-Layer Interferometry to Detect Protein Folding/Unfolding Events in a High-Throughput Format

AN 9: CaptureSelect Affinity Ligands for Antibody Detection and Characterization

  AN 9: CaptureSelect Affinity Ligands for Antibody Detection and Characterization

AN 8: Optimizing Protein-Protein and Protein-Small Molecule Kinetics Assays

  AN 8: Optimizing Protein-Protein and Protein-Small Molecule Kinetics Assays

Poster: BLI as a Platform for Detect Protein Misfolding Using the GroEL Chaperonin

  Poster: BLI as a Platform for Detect Protein Misfolding Using the GroEL Chaperonin

Octet HT Screen of Protein Aggregates for Crystallization

  Octet HT Screen of Protein Aggregates for Crystallization

Structural Basis of Sonic Hedgehog Regulation by Neutralizing Antibody 5E1 and Hedgehog-Interacting Protein: Role of the Sonic Hedgehog Pseudo-Active Site in Signaling

  Structural Basis of Sonic Hedgehog Regulation by Neutralizing Antibody 5E1 and Hedgehog-Interacting Protein: Role of the Sonic Hedgehog Pseudo-Active Site in Signaling

AN 2: Convert an ELISA Assay into an Octet Quantitation Assay

  AN 2: Convert an ELISA Assay into an Octet Quantitation Assay