Upstream Processing


Accurate protein quantitation is critical to the selection of cell lines and for the optimization of bioreactor titers in upstream processing. Traditional analytical techniques create a bottleneck during process optimization because of long analysis times, lack of specificity, and labor-intensive protocols. Octet® systems accelerate upstream process optimization by offering rapid assay development, exquisite specificity, and full-plate quantitation as little as two minutes.

Antibody Quantitation

ForteBio's Protein A biosensors enable rapid antibody quantitation from crude lysates and cell culture supernatants, and provide considerable time savings relative to Protein A HPLC, ELISA, and electrochemiluminescence techniques. Determination of antibody titer is the single most popular industrial application for Octet systems. View related articles.

Quantitation of Other Proteins

Biopharm Octet system users have developed expression screens for many different classes of proteins, including mAbs, Fab, single-chain antibodies, growth factors, cytokines, vaccine antigens, and coagulation factors. These screening assays are simple to develop and offer dramatic throughput benefits relative to ELISA and HPLC. View related articles.

Expression Optimization

Recombinant protein expression can be strongly impacted by subtle variations in cell culture media and culture conditions. With precise full-plate titer determination in as little as two minutes, the Octet system enables multi-factorial expression screens to fully optimize cell culture parameters, resulting in increased titers and shorter production times. View related articles.