Dip and Read Aminopropylsilane (APS) Biosensors

For Hydrophobic Immobilization of Proteins

ForteBio's Aminopropylsilane (APS) biosensors provide a convenient method for hydrophobic based immobilization of most protein analytes for assaying the kinetic profile of protein:protein interactions. The ability to rapidly customize biosensors without chemical cross-linking reactions, such as EDC/NHS, enables rapid assay development with minimal sample handling on the Octet® platform.

Key Features

  • Hydrophobic or electrostatic immobilization of proteins for kinetic characterization
  • Biosensor flexibility allows use in any type of assay
  • Designed for maximum compatibility with your proteins
  • No need to tag or covalently modify proteins for interaction analysis
APS Biosensors on the Octet System

Figure 1: Binding of immobilized bovine insulin using APS Biosensors on the Octet System.

For More Information

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