Dip and Read Amine Reactive Second-Generation (AR2G) Biosensors

EDC/Sulfo-NHS Based Immobilization for Kinetic Characterization of Primary Amine Containing Biomolecules

The AR2G biosensor is a newly engineered biocompatible surface matrix that delivers enhanced performance for kinetic assays compared to the original Amine Reactive (AR) biosensor for most proteins (Figure 1). AR2G routinely achieves greater signal intensity than the AR biosensor during both the loading (immobilization of ligand) and association (detection of analyte) steps of an assay while delivering the same reliable kinetic values. Evaluation of four antibody proteins demonstrated an increase in the intensity of the loading signal by an average of 4-fold with one example extending to 7.5-fold (Figure 1). A screen of several buffer systems determined that the AR2G chemistry is highly compatible with acetate buffer, which is both commonly available and cost-effective. A decrease in non-specific binding events to the AR2G surface compared to AR has also been demonstrated.

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Download Amine Reactive Second-Generation (AR2G) Biosensor datasheet.

Download Technical Note 26: Dip and Read Amine Reactive Second-Generation (AR2G) Biosensors.

Key Features

  • Rapid immobilization of proteins and peptides
  • Kinetic analysis of ligand-analyte pairs
  • Rapid assay development
  • Second-generation amine reactive detection surface (AR2G)
AR2G and AR Biosensors

Figure 1: Performance comparison of AR2G and AR biosensors. Four proteins (20 mg/mL) were immobilized on AR2G biosensors using EDC/S-NHS (acetate buffer at pH 4, 5 and 6) and on AR biosensors using EDC-NHS (MES buffer at pH 4, 5 and 6). The signal intensity achieved with the AR2G biosensors during loading was significantly greater than that with the AR biosensors for all proteins. The average increase was approximately four-fold with a maximum increase of 7.5-fold (anti-rabbit IgG). The enhanced performance of the AR2G biosensor was robust towards pH with increased loading density overserved at all pH values.


Dip and Read Amine Reactive Second-Generation (AR2G) Reagent Kit

The AR2G Reagent Kit contains all reagents required for immobilizing primary amine containing biomolecules on to the AR2G biosensor, including EDC, sulfo-NHS and buffers. Acetate buffers at pH 4, 5, and 6 enable scouting for optimized loading conditions. One AR2G kit is sufficient for 960 immobilizations onto Amine Reactive Second Generation Biosensors. For screening and kinetics applications only.

Download Technical Note 27: Dip and Read Amine Reactive Second-Generation (AR2G) Reagent Kit and Amine Reactive Second-Generation (AR2G) Biosensor datasheet.


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