Dip and Read Anti-Penta-HIS (HIS) Biosensors

For Label-Free Quantitation of HIS-Tagged Proteins

The poly-histidine protein tag (HIS-tag), commonly engineered into proteins during cloning, can be used to facilitate recombinant protein purification and detection by exploiting the chelating properties of histidine to an immobilized metal. The Anti-Penta-HIS biosensor, with a factory immobilized form of QIAGEN's highly specific anti-HIS antibody, now provides a rapid and direct method for quantifying HIS-tagged proteins in crude lysates using the Octet® platform in an “out of the box” format.

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Key Features

  • Quantitate proteins containing a six-histidine or penta-histidine peptide tag (HIS-tag)
  • Designed for use in buffer, complex media, column eluates, and cell lysates
  • Binds HIS-tagged proteins even in the presence of imidazole
  • Easy to use, label-free, no wash protocol
Real-time binding data from a concentration series of HIS-tagged PAI and HIS biosensors.

Figure 1: Real-time binding data from a concentration series of HIS-tagged PAI (Oxford Biomedical Research, part no. PI06) obtained using the Anti-Penta-HIS biosensor on an Octet RED. The concentration series tested included 16, 8, 4, 2, 1, 0.5, 0.25 and 0 µg/mL.

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