Dip and Read Anti-HIS (HIS2) Biosensors

For Label-Free Quantitation of HIS-tagged Proteins

Pre-immobilized with the next generation high-affinity, high-specificity Anti-HIS antibody from Maine Biotechnology Services (MBS), the Anti-HIS (HIS2) Biosensor directly captures and detects HIS-tagged proteins for quick and easy quantitative measurement.

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Key Features

  • Rapid detection of HIS-tagged proteins
  • High-specificity capture of HIS-tagged proteins for easy quantitation
  • Allows rapid analysis of crude or purified samples
Anti-HIS Biosensor Quantitation Assays

Figure 1: Detection of a HIS-Protein A (top) or HIS-α1PDX (bottom) standard using Anti-HIS biosensors on the Octet RED384 system with assay parameters (1000 rpm, 2 minutes) for a standard dynamic range. A) HIS-Protein A dose response. B) HIS-Protein A calibration curve. C) HIS-α1PDX dose response. D) HIS-α1PDX calibration curve. Sample diluent was used as a matrix for all samples.

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