Dip and Read Ni-NTA (NTA) Biosensors

For Quantitation and Kinetic Characterization of HIS-tagged Biomolecules

Taking advantage of the wide-spread use of poly-histidine protein tags (HIS-tag) in the bio-pharmaceutical industry, the Ni-NTA Biosensor further facilitates easy detection and rapid characterization of HIS-tagged molecules. Pre-immobilized with nickel-charged tris-nitriloacetic acid (Tris-NTA) from QIAGEN, the Ni-NTA Biosensor enables direct quantitation of HIS-tagged proteins and their easy capture for subsequent kinetic analyses with binding partners.

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Key Features

  • Direct and rapid quantitation of HIS-tagged biomolecules
  • Easy capture of HIS-fusion proteins for kinetic analysis
  • Designed for use in buffer and diluted complex media
  • Compatible with Octet® and BLItz platforms
Ni-NTA (NTA) Biosensor Datasheet

Figure 1: Kinetic analysis of the interaction between HIS-endostatin and an interaction partner anti-endostatin. 1X Kinetics Buffer was used as the matrix throughout and the assay temperature was 30°C. Data were processed and curve fit using a 1:1 binding model. Kinetic results for the interaction between HIS-endostatin and anti-endostatin using Ni-NTA biosensors are reported in the table.

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