Dip and Read Protein L (ProL) Biosensors

For Whole Molecule Antibody and Antibody Fragment Quantitation

Protein L biosensors provide a rapid and direct method for quantitating a broad set of kappa light chain containing immunoglobulins, including whole molecules, FAb fragments and single chain variable fragments, from buffer, conditioned media or complex matrices. The recombinant Protein L, which is factory-immobilized onto the biosensor, recognizes a wider range of antibody classes than both Protein A and Protein G (Table 1), including IgG, IgM, IgA, IgE and IgD. The Protein L biosensor is especially useful for quantifying antibodies and antibody fragments from serum based culture because Protein L does not bind bovine immunoglobulins, which often contaminate serum supplements. Note that Protein L does not recognize all kappa light chains.  For example, Protein L recognizes mouse VkI (but not VkII, VkIII and VkIV) and human VkI, VkIII and VkIV (but not VkII).

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Key Features

  • Broader recognition of Ig isotypes and species than Protein A or G
  • Regenerable and cost-effective format
  • Binds whole molecule Ab and FAb fragments
  • Quantitate in crude matrices
Antibody Protein L Protein A Protein G
Rat Total IgG s w m
Rat IgG1 s w m
Rat IgG2a s nb s
Rat IgG2b s nb w
Rat IgG2c s s s
Rabbit IgG w s s
Mouse IgG1 s w m
Mouse IgG2a s s s
Mouse IgG2b s s s
Mouse IgG3 s s s
Goat IgG nb w s
Sheep IgG nb w s
Bovine IgG nb w s
Guinea Pig IgG w s w
Hamster IgG s m m
Pig IgG s s w
Horse IgG w s
Donkey IgG m s
Dog IgG s w
Cat IgG s w
Human IgG1 s s s
Human IgG2 s s s
Human IgG3 s w s
Human IgG4 s s s

s=strong m=medium w=weak nb=no binding

Table 1: Proteins L, A and G possess unique affinity profiles toward antibodies from different species and isotypes. Protein L binds with high affinity to several more species and isotypes than Proteins A and G, expanding its potential applications.

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