Dip and Read High Precision Streptavidin (SAX) Biosensors

For High Precision Quantitation and Kinetic Analysis

The new High Precision Streptavidin Biosensor (SAX) was specifically developed and qualified for applications in drug discovery and quality control labs that have stringent requirements for assay precision and robustness in quantitation and binding kinetics characterization assays. For quantitation assays involving non-Ab protein analyte, biotinylated capture molecules loaded on SAX biosensors may be used to generate data with high precision. When running assays for effector function analysis, antibody engineering, quality control studies or wherever else binding kinetics characterization is performed, the best assay performance can be attained using SAX biosensors. SAX biosensors are tested for CV <4% at ForteBio. The actual performance in customer's assays may vary depending up on the choice of sample matrix, ligand and analyte, and other assay conditions.

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Key Features

  • Rapid and stable capture of biotinylated molecules
  • High precision quantitation and kinetic analyses
  • QC-tested to meet precision-controlled coefficient of variation (CV) specification of <4%
SAX Biosensors Analysis

Figure 1: Data showing an experiment performed with High Precision Streptavidin biosensors (SAX), n=96. (A) Raw data showing the consecutive steps in the experiment where the 96 SAX biosensors are dipped into buffer for a baseline, followed by loading of the biotinylated ligand (biotinylated Protein A), buffer again for a second baseline step, and binding of the analyte (human IgG) to the surface-immobilized ligand (biotinylated Protein A). (B) Data showing very consistent loading of biotinylated Protein A onto all 96 SAX biosensors.(C) Data showing very consistent binding of human IgG onto all 96 biotinylated Protein A-coated SAX biosensors.

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