Dip and Read Super Streptavidin (SSA) Biosensors

For Analysis of Small Molecule-Protein Interactions and Fragment Screening

ForteBio's Super Streptavidin biosensors offer the highest sensitivity for the demands of small molecule kinetic experiments. Through exploitation of the high affinity streptavidin-biotin interaction, biological molecules, including proteins and nucleic acids, can be immobilized on the biosensor surface and subsequently used to measure kinetic interactions in a custom format. The biosensor can be regenerated and reused, providing a cost –effective solution for library screening.

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Download Super Streptavidin (SSA) Biosensors datasheet.

Key Features

  • Enables immobilization of any protein in high density via streptavidin
  • Designed for use in small-molecule and fragment screening and kinetic characterization
Super Streptavidin Biosensors Datasheet

Figure 1: Processed data for the binding of furosemide (330 Daltons) to carbonic anhydrase. Data shown is a result of the subtraction of the biocytin reference biosensor data from the carbonic anhydrase biosensor data. The binding of furosemide at 0.12, 0.37, 1.1, 3, 10, and 30 µM is clearly visible.

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