Dip and Read Anti-Murine IgG Quantitation (AMQ) Biosensors

For Determination of Antibody Concentration

ForteBio's Anti-Murine IgG Quantitation biosensors provide a rapid method for precise quantitation of murine immunoglobulins from crude lysates and cell culture supernatants. Factory immobilization of an anti-murine IgG (Fv) antibody to the biosensor surface enables direct detection of murine IgG analytes with minimal sample handling and facilitates sample quantitation from cell culture screening through downstream purification development.

Key Features

  • Direct measurement of immunoglobulins (IgG) from mouse and rat species
  • Convenient working range 1–100 µg/mL
  • Assay samples without serially diluting or centrifugation
  • Assay mouse sera, cell lysates or supernatants
  • Fast turnaround of results
Anti-Murine IgG Quantitation biosensors

Figure 1: Recognition of various mouse subtypes using Anti-Murine IgG Quantitation biosensors on the Octet System.

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