Dip and Read Streptavidin (SA) Biosensors

For Kinetic Analysis, Screening, and Quantitation of Most Proteins

ForteBio's Streptavidin (SA) biosensors provide robust access to highly sensitive custom biosensors through exploitation of the high affinity streptavidin-biotin interaction. Biological molecules, including proteins and nucleic acids, can be biotinylated using established protocols and immobilized onto the Streptavidin biosensor surface for custom assay development. The high sensitivity and stable baseline of the Streptavidin biosensor supports kinetic as well as quantitation experiments.

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Key Features

  • Immobilization of biotinylated proteins for kinetic analysis of biomolecular interaction pairs
  • Immobilization of biotinylated proteins for quantitative analysis of proteins and their target analyte
ForteBio Streptavidin (SA) Biosensors

Figure 1: Kinetic screening using Streptavidin (SA) biosensors.

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