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NEW Octet RED96 System Advances Label-Free Concentration and Kinetic Analysis

Sriram Kumaraswamy, Ph.D., Sr. Product Manager
Krista Witte Ph.D., Sr. Director of Chemistry and Consumables R&D

ForteBio announces the launch of the Octet RED96 system to deliver unparalleled performance in the measurement of high quality kinetic, affinity, concentration and specificity interaction data, in real time. The Octet RED96 system is the newest addition to the Octet platform of Biolayer Interferometry–based instruments and builds upon the success of the widely adopted Octet RED system with the key addition of optional biosensor re-racking to enhance workflow efficiency.

The Octet RED96 uses the same high performance, high resolution optics as the Octet RED to deliver a range of data acquisition rates (options at 10, 5 and 2 Hz) and low noise (RMS Noise ≤3 pm at 5 Hz) to enable analysis of kinetic interactions from small molecule fragments to antibodies (Figure 1). The system also provides quantitation of protein concentrations from 25 ng/mL to 2000 µg/mL (Figure 2) in a direct binding assay and quantitation of sub-ng/mL concentrations in the sandwich assay format.

Like its predecessor, the Octet RED, the Octet RED96 system uses disposable biosensors in an 8 X 12 array in a simple, Dip and Read™ label-free assay format. The instrument dips eight biosensors into eight samples in parallel in an SBS standard 96-well microplate for rapid concentration analysis of 96 samples in 30 minutes or the analysis of 88 biomolecular interactions in one walk-away experiment.

NEW Biosensor Re-racking

The Octet RED96 provides a biosensor re-racking option for increased flexibility in assay development. Biosensors may now be returned to the tray on the Octet RED96 system after loading of ligand or analyzing multiple samples. Combined with biosensor regeneration, the re-racking option results in a ultra-low cost per test for direct binding concentration measurements and kinetic analysis.

The Octet RED96 system also provides the latest Octet software, version 6.4, with enhanced features such as batch mode analysis of multiple kinetic data files and accelerated time to results.

Optional 21 CFR part 11 compliance version for Octet RED96 will be made available shortly, enabling GxP users to integrate the Octet RED96 into their GLP regulated laboratories.

The combination of accuracy, speed and ease-of-use in a cost-effective assay platform facilitates rapid screening of protein and antibody titer for bioprocess monitoring and clone selection. Rapid antibody screening and epitope binning and mapping experiments are enhanced by the ability to load ligands on 96 biosensors simultaneously in an offline step prior to analysis on the Octet RED96 system. Excellent sensitivity combined with the rapid data acquisition offers a wide range of kinetic parameters such as ka, kd and KD to be studied with high accuracy.

The combination of nearly 5 orders of magnitude in the concentration range for direct binding quantitation of proteins, the ability to monitor binding interactions kinetics of proteins to small molecules, high throughput, fast time-to-results and biosensor re-racking in an easy-to-use system provides an unparalleled value for your label-free analysis.