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ForteBio Interactions Newsletter Biosensor photo

WINTER 2010    VOLUME 3    ISSUE 1


New Octet QKe System

Sriram Kumaraswamy, Ph. D., Product Manager,
Huddee J. Ho, Ph.D., Director, Hardware Engineering

ForteBio launched the Octet QKe system for protein quantitation and kinetic characterization at PepTalk 2010. The Octet QKe is the newest addition to the Octet platform of BioLayer Interferometry-based instruments that monitor binding interactions label-free, and in real time. It contains the same high-performance spectrometer used in the Octet RED system, greatly improving its signal to noise resolution over that of the first-generation Octet QK system. Octet QKe offers two acquisition rate settings, yielding greater sensitivity and dynamic range in quantitation and kinetic analysis assays. And, biosensor re-racking increases assay flexibility and provides operational cost savings. All of these enhancements are packaged in a system with the same compact footprint as the Octet QK and RED systems.

NEW Acquisition Rate Settings

Using the High Sensitivity acquisition rate setting of 0.3 Hz (1 data point per 3.3 seconds), the software performs 40 averages per data point. The higher number of averages reduces noise in the signal, providing enhanced sensitivity for quantitating proteins. For example, using Protein A biosensors and a 1000 rpm shaking speed, the Octet QKe detects as little as 30 ng/mL human IgG in just 5 minutes in a direct binding assay. Using the Standard acquisition rate setting of 0.6 Hz (1 data point per 1.6 seconds), 5 averages are performed per data point. In a 2-minute assay using Protein A biosensors and low rpm, up to 700 µg/mL of human IgG is reliably detected. This represents more than 4 logs dynamic range for protein concentration measurement, attainable in a label-free direct binding assay that measures a 96-well plate of samples in just 30 minutes!

The Octet QKe system provides enhanced performance for kinetic analysis of proteins and peptides in comparison to the Octet QK system in the following two ways:

  • Lower molecular weight proteins and peptides can be detected and analyzed.
  • The binding data for proteins or peptides at different concentrations can be better resolved, reliably determining kinetic constants.

NEW Biosensor Re-Racking

The Octet QKe system’s biosensor re-racking provides enhanced flexibility in loading ligands on biosensors and reduces operational costs, especially when precious target reagents are loaded on biosensors. Additionally, re-racking allows all 96 biosensors in a tray to be batch regenerated after an experiment offline, saving valuable assay time. These enhancements to your workflow, in combination with all of the data quality improvements, make the Octet QKe system a superior and value-added alternative to other label-free instruments for your assays.

ForteBio Offers Custom Biosensor and Assay Development Services

John Proctor, Ph.D., Product Manager

In response to customer requests, ForteBio recently launched a new service program in which it will develop customized, proprietary biosensor assays for customers to use on the Octet instrumentation platform, saving customers significant time and costs associated with developing the assays themselves. The new service enables ForteBio customers to obtain finished, quality-controlled biosensors and assay kits that are developed with the customers’ capture reagents and analytes. The program is already proving to be popular — in its first few months, it has received significant contract orders!

The services include, but are not limited to, antibody purification, biosensor coating process development, biosensor QC method validation, custom biosensor production, and full assay development services. Assays will be tailored to customer specifications and customers are involved throughout the process to ensure the customized product meets their specifications prior to final production.

We are excited about the new program and look forward to working with our customers to build robust assays for the Octet system. We hope this program makes running custom assays even easier by providing customized out-of-the-box solutions.

For more information or to find out how to order custom biosensors, please email me at or visit our custom services page.

Octet Software Version 6.3 Launched
Ease-of-Use, Fast Assay Setup and Powerful Data Analysis

Sriram Kumaraswamy, Ph. D., Product Manager

ForteBio has released new Octer Software version 6.3 for data acquisition and data analysis on the Octet platform. The new software version is available for use on all Octet systems currently supported by ForteBio: Octet QK, QKe, RED, QK384 and RED384. Version 6.3 builds on the powerful data acquisition and data analysis modules of the earlier version with exciting new features for greater flexibility and ease-of-use, faster time-to-results, new curve fitting models and data processing features.

Octet Software version 6.3 enables subtracting reference biosensors from target biosensors during data acquisition, thus displaying reference-subtracted data in real time. The new Threshold feature, allows you to direct the Octet system to terminate any kinetics assay step when the real-time binding signal for that step reaches a threshold value or slope. You can align the data in the Runtime binding chart to the signal in any step of the assay. You can open and review completed experiments in the Runtime Binding Chart view.

The data analysis functions of Octet Software version 6.3 allow you to apply standards from within a plate or apply one set of standards across many plates of data. Its new mass transport binding model can extract true binding constants for your interaction system. Batch mode analysis of quantitation data files allows processing any number of data sets in one procedure, providing tremendous time savings. Analysis settings can be saved for quantitation and processing and analysis parameters can be saved for kinetics so that a data file can be re-opened with the previously applied processing steps.

Octet Software version 6.3 is available as a free upgrade to all current version 6.x users. It is also available as a paid upgrade for Octet Software version 4.0 users. Please contact your local ForteBio representative or email to obtain the upgrade.