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  Integrated Solutions for Early Stage Biologics Discovery Brochure

  Octet AWES Integrated System Brochure

  Octet Systems Brochure

  Pioneer and Pioneer FE Systems Brochure

  BLItz System Brochure

Application Notes

  AN 25: Cell-Based Assay Using Biosensor-captured Red Blood Cells

  AN 26: Octet Potency Assay: Development, Qualification and Validation Strategies

  AN 24: OneStep Lead Characterization of High Affinity Biologic Interactions with Pioneer SPR Systems

  AN 23: Commitment to Covalency: Kinetics of Irreversible Inhibitors on the Pioneer FE System

  Application Note: Automated Optimization of IgG Production in CHO Cells

  AN 22: Customized Quantitation of Recombinant Therapeutic Proteins using High Precision Streptavidin Biosensors (SAX)

  AN 21: Fragment Based Drug Discovery on Pioneer Systems Using Next Generation SPR Analysis

  AN 20: A Fast and High Precision Influenza Vaccine Potency Assay

  AN 19: Analysis of FcRn-Antibody Interactions on the Octet Platform

  AN18: Best Practices for Performing Quantitation Assays using the BLItz System

  AN 17: Analysis of Fc-gamma Receptor-IgG Interactions on the Octet Platform

  AN 16: Cross-competition or Epitope Binning Assays on the Octet HTX System

  AN15: MAb Quantitation: Protein A HPLC vs. Protein A Bio-layer Interferometry

  AN 14: Biomolecular Binding Kinetics Assays on the Octet Platform

  AN13: Rapid, Reliable Quantitation of Fc-Fusion Protein in Cell Culture Supernatants

  AN12: Validated Quantitation and Activity Assay of Antibody Fragment Molecule (Fab)

  AN11: Enhancing Efficiency and Economics in Process Development and Manufacturing of Biotherapeutics

  AN 9: CaptureSelect Affinity Ligands for Antibody Detection and Characterization

  AN 8: Optimizing Protein-Protein and Protein-Small Molecule Kinetics Assays

  AN 7: Generating Reliable Kinetic Data for Protein-Ligand Interaction

  AN 6: Reducing Variability in Small Molecule Screening and Kinetics Applications

  AN 5: Fast Quantitation of Proteins and Antibodies Using the BLItz System

  AN 4: Instant Determination of Protein Presence Using the BLItz System

  AN 3: Kinetic Analysis of Expressed Membrane Proteins

  AN 2: Convert an ELISA Assay into an Octet Quantitation Assay

White Papers

  Writing an Equipment Grant Proposal for Biomolecular Interactions Research: Bio-Layer Interferometry (BLI) and Octet Systems

  White paper: Key Considerations for Automating Octet Assays, Ligand Screening at Avitide

  Octet Platform: A Complete Solution for Lot Release and In-process Testing of Biologics in GxP Laboratories

  White Paper: Streamlining Affinity Analysis for Accelerated Lead Screening, Characterization, Optimization and Final Selection

Octet Method GuidelinesCustomer Posters and Presentations

  Establishing a Platform Ligand-Binding Method on the ForteBio Octet

  Octet, Your Friend in Vaccine Development: Assessing Antigenicity and Immunogenicity of HIV-1 Envelope Proteins by Bio-Layer Interferometry

  Automated Optimization of IgG Production in CHO Cell Line Development

  Surface Plasmon Resonance: Pioneer as a Means to Screen Drug Discovery Fragments for Hits

  BLI Technology to Assess Quality and Compatibility of Commercial Antibodies from Multiple Vendors

  Seeing is Believing: Analyzing Protein Complexes Assembled on and Released from Bio-Layer Interferometry Biosensor Surfaces using Mass Spectrometry and Electron Microscopy

  In Vitro Assay to Predict Human IgG Half-life

  High-Throughput Quantification of Fab Titers in a Heterogeneous Mixture of Monomer and Dimer

  Development of a VHH-based Erythropoietin Quantification Assay

  Bio-Layer Interferometry can Report the Kinetic Effects of Small Ligands on Protein-Protein Interactions

  Using BLI to Measure Binding Kinetics of Non-natural Products

  Drugging the Orphan Nuclear Receptor TLX with the Octet RED384

  Liposome-Protein Binding Assays

  Integration of Octet RED384 System into Emory Chemical Biology Discovery Center for Small Molecule Discovery

  Peptides of Presenilin 1 Bind The Amyloid Precursor Protein Ectodomain and Reduce AB

  Integration of the Octet RED96 System in the Nanofitin Discovery Platform

  Development of a Customized Quantification of Engineered Proteins, Including Regeneration, with the Octet Platform

  Selection of Monoclonal Antibodies using the Octet Platform for Diagnostic Applications: Strengths and Limitations

  Antigen and Antibody Development for IVD Immunoassay using Octet Bio-layer Interferometry

  High-throughput Characterization of Monoclonal Antibodies Using the Octet HTX System

  Analysis of Novel Binders to Soluble Proteins in Serum using BLI Technology

  Development of a VHH-based Erythropoietin Quantification Assay

  Epitope Binning for Antibody Characterisation on the Pall ForteBio Octet RED384 System

  Octet RED: An Antibody Discovery Case Study

  Application of Label-free Technology for Biologics Discovery

  Using the Octet RED96 System to Find High Affinity and Specific T-Cell Receptors

  Bio-Layer Interferometry Technology Applied to Fragment Screening

  c-JUN N-terminal Kinase (JNKα1) binds and Inhibits eNOS via Phosphorylation at S116, Differentiating it from p38 and ERK-mediated Inhibition

  The Role the N-terminal Domain Plays in Spidroin Assembly

  Streamlining Methods for Screening Antibody Performance

  Assessment of Monoclonal Antibody/Fc Receptor Interactions Using Octet

  De-orphanizing a Nuclear Receptor with the Octet RED384 System

  Generating Conformation- and Mutation-Specific Antibodies to Disrupt Oncogenic RAS Signaling

  Fc-Receptor Binding Assays

  Use of BLI in Nucleic Acid Aptamer Selection, Maturation, and Characterisation

  Regenerable Biosensor-based Hit-validation of DNA-encoded Chemical Library Selection Experiments

  Structural Studies of an HIV Env Trimer Enabled and Enriched by Biophysical Analyses

  Bacterial Surface Receptors and Transporters - Methods for Studying Their Interactions

  Application of the Octet RED96 System to Characterize Protein Interactions

  Implementation of the Octet RED384 System in a High Throughput mAb Generation Platform

  An Octet RED Based Method for Kinetic Analysis of Novel Binders to Soluble Serum Proteins Using Serial Dilutions of Serum Without Purification of the Target

  Pall ForteBio Octet RED96 to Support Phase II/III Monoclonal Antibody Manufacturing and Drug Product Release and Stability

  Application of Octet for Rapid Screening of Assay Reagents for PK Ligand Binding Assays for an Antibody Drug Conjugate

  MAb Quantitation: Protein A HPLC vs. Protein A Bio-Layer Interferometry

  A Method to Determine the Reversibility of Inhibition for Glutamate Carboxypeptidase II Inhibitors using Bio-Layer Interferometry

  The Computational Design of Protein-Protein Interactions to Initiate Apoptosis in Cancer Cells

  Using the Octet RED with Virus-like Particles to Study Binding to Intact Membrane Proteins

  High Throughput Kinetic Assay Using ForteBio Octet RED96 to Support Discovery and Fine-Tuning of Aptamer Diagnostic Agents

  Biosensor-based Fragment Screening and Hit Confirmation with Protein-protein Interaction (PPI) Targets

  Probing Structurally Altered and Aggregated States of Therapeutically Relevant Proteins Using a GroEL-Biosensor Coupled to Bio-layer Interferometry

  Development and Optimization of D-Protein Antagonists of VEGF-A using ForteBio's Octet Platform

  Ligand Affinity Measurements for the Community Structure Activity Resource Center(CSAR)

  Octet Biolayer Interferometery: An Efficient Method to Detect Modular Transient Protein-Protein Interactions

  Hit Identification and Lead Confirmation in the Discovery of Drugs Targeting Bromodomain Proteins

  Hit Identification and Lead Confirmation in the Drug Discovery of Bromodomain Proteins

  Monoclonal Antibody Isotype Subclass Determination Using the Octet QKe

  Emerging Technologies for Fine-Tuning Aptamers

  High Throughput Label-Free Epitope Binning Made Easy: Strategies Used to Identify Epitope Diversity

  Rapid, Cost Effective Microbial Strain Development Using BLI

  BLI Studies of Anthrax Toxin and Development of Diagnostic Antibodies

  Cell-Free Translational Systems for Rapid Species Cross-Reactivity Screening

  Antibody Investigations with Immobilised HIV Antigen and Fc Receptors

  Characterisation of Novel Lipid-Protein Interactions Using Biolayer Interferometry

  The Octet and BlItz Systems: Obtaining Kinetics from Crude Media

  Use of Label-Free Real-time Biosensors in Characterizing Monoclonal Antibodies

  Assay Development for Accurate Kinetic and Affinity Characterization of Protein-Protein Interactions

  Using Protein Thermal Denaturation to Characterize Protein-Ligand Interactions

  Rapid Assessment of Fab Activity Using Octet BioLayer Interferometry (BLI)

  Kinetics on the Octet Systems: What Lies Beneath the Curves

  Use of Chaperone Proteins and Octet Bio-Layer Interferometry to Detect Protein Folding/Unfolding Events in a High-Throughput Format

  Applications of Octet RED96 in Peptide Discovery and CovX-body Characterization

  Octet - An Efficient Tool for Ligand Binding Assays (LBA)

  Poster: BLI as a Platform for Detect Protein Misfolding Using the GroEL Chaperonin

  Rapid and Specific Detection of STEC Strains O157:H7, O26 and O111 Using a Label-Free Biosensor System

  Octet HT Screen of Protein Aggregates for Crystallization

  Characterization of the Antibody Quantitation Assay with the Octet RED

  The Three A's of Biologicals: Activity, Activity, Activity: Guiding Process Development Using Bioactivity Measurements

  The Use of Bio-Layer Interferometry (BLI) for Quantitation of a Humanized Antibody Therapeutic

  Fully Automated CHO Host Cell Protein Quantitationin Monoclonal Antibody Therapeutics

  Kinetic Characterization of Protein-Protein Interactions in Purified and Bacterial Lysates

  Structural Basis of Sonic Hedgehog Regulation by Neutralizing Antibody 5E1 and Hedgehog-Interacting Protein: Role of the Sonic Hedgehog Pseudo-Active Site in Signaling

  Quantitation of Recombinant Human Factor IX (rFIX) in Bioreactor Harvest Samples using Bio-Layer Interferometry

  Use of Disposable Label-free Real-time Biosensors in Epitope Binning Monoclonal Antibodies

  Rapid Identification of Production Strains

  Detection of Low Affinity Anti-drug Antibodies and Improved Drug Tolerance in Immunogenicity Testing by Octet Biolayer Interferometry

  Biopharma Production Using Pfenex Expression Technology

  High Throughput Bio-Layer Interferometry in Therapeutic Antibody Discovery and Development

  Using Octet RED384 for Higher Throughput Screening of Small Molecules and Fragments

  Use of Disposable Label-free Real-time Biosensors in Screening Crude Antibodies

  Fragment Library Screening Using the ForteBio Octet RED

  Exploring Blocking Assays Using Parallel Real-time Label-free Biosensors

  Fortebio Octet at Biogen Idec

  Improving the Throughput of Titer Determination for PER.C6® Cell Line Generation and Process Development with the Octet Platform

  ForteBio Octet RED - A Label-free Instrument that Provides Binding Data in a Simplified, No Flow, Dip and Read Configuration

  Improving the Accuracy, Speed, and Reproducibility of Titer Determination for the Clone Selection Process

  Use of ForteBio Octet for Quantitative Titer Analysis in Biopharmaceutical Development

  Determining IgG Concentration using BioLayer Interferometry

  Rapid Determination of Dynamic Binding Capacity of Resins Using Octet QK

Technical Notes

  Technical Note 46: Guidelines for OneStep Protocol Design

  Technical Note 45: Ready BLI Detection Kit Residual Protein A

  Technical Note 44: Rapid Analysis of Fab Fragments and IgG with Anti-Human Fab-CH1 2nd Generation (FAB2G) Biosensors

  Technical Note 43: Analysis of FLAG Proteins on the Octet Platform Using SAX Biosensors

  Technical Note 42: Anti-Penta-HIS Biosensor (HIS1K) for Label-free Analysis of His-tagged Proteins

  Technical Note 41: CHO Host Cell Protein Detection

  Technical Note 40: High Precision Streptavidin Biosensor (SAX) Quantitation and Kinetic Assays

  Technical Note 39: Enabling Depth Filter Selection with Rapid Detection of Monoclonal Antibodies in Culture Using the BLItz System

  Technical Note 37: Anti-HIS Biosensor Quantitation Assays

  Technical Note 32: Ni-NTA Biosensor Quantitation Assays

  Technical Note 31: Ni-NTA Biosensor Kinetic Assays

  Technical Note 30: GST Biosensor Quantitation Assays

  Technical Note 29: GST Biosensor Kinetics Assays

  Technical Note 28: Biotinylation of Protein for Immobilization onto Streptavidin Biosensors

  Technical Note 27: Dip and Read Amine Reactive Second-Generation (AR2G) Reagent Kit

  Technical Note 26: Dip and Read Amine Reactive Second-Generation (AR2G) Biosensors

  Technical Note 25: Dip and Read Anti-Mouse IgG Fc Capture Biosensors

  Technical Note 24: Host Cell Protein Detection

  Technical Note 22: Protein L Biosensors

  Technical Note 21: Protein G Biosensors

  Technical Note 20: Human and Mouse IgG Subtype Identification

  Technical Note 17: Immunogenicity Assays on the Octet Platform

  Technical Note 16: Small Molecule Binding Kinetics

  Technical Note 14: Regeneration Strategies for Streptavidin Biosensors on the Octet Platform

  Technical Note 11: Biotinylating Antibody in Stocks Containing Carrier Protein

  Technical Note 10: Batch Immobilization of a Biotinylated Ligand onto Streptavidin Biosensors

Posters and Presentations by ForteBio

  Octet BLI Systems - Unmatched Versatility for Discovery, Development and Quality Control

  Confident Assurance of Clonality Using Calcein AM with Minimal Effect on Viability

  A Microfluidics-Based Single Cell Isolation Workflow Optimized for Efficiency, Viability, and Assurance of Monoclonality

  Customized Quantitation of Recombinant Therapeutic Proteins Using Bio-Layer Interferometry (BLI) and High Precision Streptavidin Biosensors (SAX)

  Poster: Influenza Vaccine Titre Determination using Bio-Layer Interferometry (BLI)

  Poster: Fast and Easy Detection of Residual CHO Host Cell Proteins

  Poster: Introducing a New BLI Instrument Focused on Throughput and Flexibility, The Octet HTX System

  Micro-volume Label-free Analysis on the BLItz System

  Rapid Detection and Screening of HIS-tagged Proteins Using Dip and Read Assay

  Ligand Binding Assays on the Octet Platform

  Direct Detection Method for HIS-Tagged Protein Quantitation

  Small Molecule Fragment Screening on the Octet RED384 Platform

  Quantitation of Residual Protein A and MabSelect SuRe using a Dip and Read Assay

  Dip and Read Immunogenicity Assay Kit ( Low Affinity ADA Detection)

  Label-free determination of kinetic constants for small molecule binding to proteins using ForteBio's Octet Red Multi-channel Platform

  Octet RED with Increased Sensitivity for Label-free, Multi-channel Kinetic Analysis of Biomolecular Interactions

   Rapid Assay Development Using the Octet Platform

  Antibody Pair Selection for Assay Development

  Label-free Screening Strategies Using the Octet QK System

  30 Minute ELISA for Monoclonal and Polyclonal IgG quantitation

   Octet QK - Measuring Protein Interactions in Antibody Development and Production

  Octet QK - Efficient and Cost-Effective Workflow for Antibody Bioprocessing

Product Datasheets

  Sialic Acid (GlyS) Kit Datasheet

  Octet Software V11 Version Comparison Datasheet

  Octet V11 CFR Software and Validation Package Datasheet

  Octet Qualification Products and Services Datasheet

  SPR Biosensor Selection Guide – Pioneer Systems

  Octet Software V10 Version Comparison Datahseet

  Octet RED96e System Datasheet

  Octet Software Version 10 Datasheet

  Anti-human IgG Fc Capture (AHC) Biosensors Datasheet

  Ready BLI Detection Kit - Residual Protein A Datasheet

  Dip and Read Anti-Human Fab-CH1 2nd Generation Biosensors Datasheet

  Octet Software Version 9.0 Datasheet: Data Acquisition, Data Analysis and Data Analysis High Throughput (HT)

  Octet Software 21 CFR Part 11 Comparison Datasheet

  Octet Software Comparison Datasheet

  Anti-Penta-HIS (HIS1K) Biosensors Datasheet

  Octet K2 System Datasheet

  Octet Annual Service Contracts Datasheet

  Octet Software Version Comparison Datasheet

  Anti-CHO HCP Detection Kit Datasheet

  High Precision Streptavidin (SAX) Biosensor datasheet

  Biosensor Selection Guide

  Qualification and Compliance Tools for the BLItz System

  Octet HTX System Datasheet

  Anti-HIS (HIS2) Biosensor Datasheet

  Aminopropylsilane (APS) Biosensor Datasheet

  Anti-Murine IgG (AMQ) Biosensor Datasheet

  Ni-NTA (NTA) Biosensor datasheet

  Anti-GST (GST) Biosensor datasheet

  Amine Reactive Second-Generation (AR2G) Biosensor datasheet

  Anti-Mouse IgG Fc Capture (AMC) Biosensors Datasheet

  Protein L (ProL) Biosensors Datasheet

  Octet RED96 System Datasheet

  Protein A (ProA) Biosensor Datasheet

  Protein G (ProG) Biosensor Datasheet

  Streptavidin (SA) Biosensors Datasheet

  Octet QKe System Datasheet

  384-Well Tilted-Bottom Microplate Datasheet

  Super Streptavidin (SSA) Biosensors Datasheet

  Sidekick Offline Biosensor Immobilization Station Datasheet

  Octet RED384 System Datasheet

  Anti-human IgG Fc Quantitation (AHQ) Biosensors Datasheet

Product Package Inserts

  Biosensor Mount Cleaning Tray Product Insert

  Microplate Evaporation Cover Product Insert

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