Octet® HTX System

Octet HTX System

Octet HTX System

The Octet HTX instrument monitors up to 96 biosensors simultaneously, enabling label-free detection for protein quantitation and kinetic characterization at unmatched speed. The system's ability to read 8, 16, 32, 48 or 96 wells in parallel lets you tailor your assay design to maximize analytical throughput or sensitivity. Rapid whole-plate detection is accomplished using the 96 biosensor mode, providing either quantitation data for 96 samples in as little as 2 minutes or full plate kinetic screening in minutes instead of hours. The 8 and 16 biosensor modes provide high sensitivity for measuring small molecule binding interactions and protein quantitation down to 50 ng/mL. The 32 or 48 biosensor modes enable larger complex assays such as epitope binning or multi-step quantitation to be analyzed in the shortest amount of time. Key applications that leverage the unique strengths of the Octet HTX system include epitope binning experiments, off-rate ranking, and titer concentration.

"The Octet HTX system, in conjunction with automation developed at Avitide, has been part of how we have increased our screening capabilities from 500 to 10,000 binding events per day. This enables Avitide to screen and perform fully comprehensive biophysical interactions across more ligands and provide our partners with valuable information at the industry standard."

-Ethan Dow, Scientist, Avitide

Key Features

The Octet HTX system offers unmatched performance, flexibility and throughput.

  • Up to 96-well simultaneous sampling
  • 384-well and 96-well formats
  • Quantitate 96 samples in as little as two minutes
  • Two plate locations maximize throughput and improve workflow
  • Automation friendliness allows multiple-plate assays in one run
  • Biosensor re-racking allows maximum flexibility and operational cost savings
  • Advanced software tools for epitope binning analysis
Epitope Binning Analysis

Figure 1: Epitope binning of 32 x 64 purified mAbs using the 32 biosensor mode.