Octet® System Specifications

Detection Technology Bio-Layer Interferometry (BLI)
Capabilities Kinetic and affinity data—kobs, ka, kd, KD; binding specificity and cooperativity Epitope mapping/binning Yes/No binding Automated IgG concentration determinations Custom protein concentration determinations
Sampling Format Test plate: 96-well, black, flat bottom, polypropylene microplate
  • SBS standard plate
  • Single, test plate capacity
Test volume: 100-200 μL
  • Application-dependent
  • Non-destructive and recoverable
Sample types:  proteins, antibodies, peptides Buffer compatibility: cell media, crude lysates, untreated sups, periplasmic fractions, serum containing media (up to 10%), DMSO
Analysis Runtime per Interaction Variable, up to 3 hours total runtime
Typical Working Ranges Kinetics
  • Association rate constant (ka): 101 to 105 M-1 s-1
  • Dissociation rate constant (kd):  10-6 to 10-3 s-1
  • Affinity range: 10-4 to 10-9 M
  • 1 µg/mL to 500 μg/mL
  • Protein and assay–dependent
Molecular weight detection: >10 kDa
Automation Up to 8 biosensors in parallel Maximum of 96 tests unattended
Optics and Mechanics 8-channel biosensor manifold Optical interferometer Test plate temperature
  • 2°C over ambient to 40°C
  • 1°C increment
Orbital flow
  • Static or
  • 100 – 1500 rpm
Dimensions Height: 18.6 inches (475 mm)
Depth: 17 inches (430 mm)
Width: 20.8 inches (530 mm)
Weight: 50 lbs. (23 Kg)
Electrical Requirements Mains: AC 100 – 240 V, 2.0 – 0.9A, 50/60 Hz, single phase Power consumption: 120w (240 peak)
Data Handling and Storage Integrated software package for operation and data analysis
PC operating system: Microsoft® Windows® XP (Professional)
Interfacing: RS232, USB
Compliance CE, CSA