Octet RED96 System

ForteBio's new Octet RED96 system is a multi-functional, label-free, real-time analysis instrument. It is ideal for rapidly measuring concentration of proteins and other biomolecules, measuring kinetics and affinity, and screening protein-protein and protein-small molecule interactions. The Octet RED96 can be used for a wide range of analyses including IgG and other protein titer, bioprocess development, quality analysis, crude antibody screening, epitope binning/mapping, ligand binding assays, small molecule and fragment screening and analysis, elucidating cell signaling mechanisms and infectious disease monitoring. Replace your stodgy HPLC, ELISA and other single-purpose microfluidics instruments for a unique, cutting-edge, protein analysis system that accelerates and simplifies your work.

Key Benefits

Large Quantitation Dynamic Range

The Octet RED96 system provides an unprecedented dynamic range from ng/mL to mg/mL for quantitation of biomolecules – 25 ng/mL to 2000 µg/mL of human IgG using Protein A biosensors, in 2 minutes.

Versatile Kinetic Analysis

Accurate kinetic analyses of large macromolecules such as IgG to small molecule fragments of 150 Da are possible on the Octet RED96 system.

8-Channel Throughput

The Octet RED96 system uses disposable biosensors in an 8x12 array in a simple, Dip and Read label-free assay format to measurethe titer of 96 samples in 30 minutes.

Low Operational Costs

Combined with biosensor regeneration, Octet RED96's re-racking option provides ultra-low cost per test for direct binding concentration measurements and kinetic analyses.

Octet RED96 system

Octet RED96 System