Optim® 2 System


High Throughput Protein Analysis and Characterization Instrument for Stability Studies

Optim 2 System

Optim 2 System

The Optim 2 instrument is an innovative analytical system designed to probe multiple protein stability-indicating parameters at high speed using ultra-low sample volumes.

The compact and robust Optim 2 instrument provides static light scattering and intrinsic fluorescence detection technologies in a configuration never seen before. Results are controlled by an all-new easy-to-use and intuitive software package. The Optim 2 system has been designed to reduce the time and cost of pre-formulation studies, stability testing and formulation development of therapeutic proteins.

The Optim 2 system will simultaneously measure a range of protein stability-indicating parameters including unfolding transition temperature (Tm), aggregation onset temperature (Tagg) and rates of aggregation, giving you greater insight into identifying the candidate molecules or formulations with the most favorable properties much earlier in the development process. Earlier analysis eliminates the cost associated with the unnecessary development of candidates or formulations that do not have the potential to proceed and dramatically reduces the chance of late-stage failure.

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Innovative features offered by the Optim 2 system:

  • Simultaneous fluorescence and light scattering analysis for label-free probing of protein unfolding and aggregation
  • Analysis of the effects of temperature, time and chemical environment on your biomolecule
  • Capability to analyze up to 48 temperature-controlled samples simultaneously
  • 144 samples measured in a high resolution thermal ramp per day
  • Best in class sample volumes: only 9 microliters per sample
  • Sealed sample chamber to enable high temperature analysis without evaporation
  • Easy-to use software with exceptional functionality and performance designed around the needs of the protein scientist

The Optim 2 system is designed to address specific industry requirements:

  • Better prediction of stability characteristics of biopharmaceuticals compared to traditional methods
  • Probing of multiple protein stability-indicating parameters within the same instrument
  • Increased speed of analysis
  • Considerably lower sample volumes than existing technologies
  • Facilitation of decision making earlier in development


The Optim 2 system is designed to measure the aggregation, unfolding and stability of microliter volumes of candidate biopharmaceutical products under different physical, chemical and formulation conditions. Optim 2 can be applied to:

  • Lead candidate selection and optimization
  • Preformulation studies
  • Candidate formulation
  • Comparability studies
  • Stability studies

The following application notes are available for the Optim system:

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