Pioneer Systems FAQs

Does ForteBio now sell all SensiQ products?

No, ForteBio will only be selling the Pioneer product line that includes Pioneer and Pioneer FE instruments along with the associated consumables. ForteBio will not be selling the SensiQ and SensiQ Discovery product lines.

Who do we contact for technical support?

ForteBio technical support can be contacted with questions at +1 650-322-1360 or by email at

How do we order consumables?

Pioneer sensors and consumables can be ordered from ForteBio’s e-commerce site.

Who is the sales person in my territory?

Please direct your questions to and they will connect you to your local sales manager.

Have prices changed after the acquisition?

Please contact your local sales manager to get updated information on the pricing of the instruments and consumables.

How do we get a service engineer to visit us?

Please direct your questions to and they will connect you to the appropriate service engineer.

Should we go to the distributor or ForteBio for support?

ForteBio will be providing support to the Pioneer product line customer base.

Will the products provided by ForteBio maintain the quality standards of SensiQ?

Yes, ForteBio aims to maintain and enhance the excellent quality standards set by SensiQ Technologies.