ForteBio products enable scientists in life science, pharmaceutical, and bioprocess research and development to perform quick and easy characterization of proteins and streamline the measurement of biomolecular interactions — while steering clear of the typical throughput and cost limitations associated with other methodologies.

Octet System — High Throughput Biomolecular Interactions Analysis

Octet family of instruments

Octet Systems

  • Label-free analysis in 96- and 384-well microplates
  • Rapid protein quantitation
  • Interaction analysis
  • ELISA replacement
  • Affinity screening
  • Proteins, peptides & small molecules

BLItz System — Personal Protein Analysis System

BLItz System

BLItz System

  • Label-free analysis in a 4-µL drop of sample
  • Protein presence/absence in seconds
  • Binding kinetics assays at your bench
  • Label-free protein quantitation
  • Develop immunoassays in minutes

Pioneer Systems — High Performance Kinetics and Fragment Screening Analysis

Pioneer FE Systems

Pioneer Systems

  • Reliable affinity and kinetic data from primary screens
  • Full kinetics titration in minutes
  • Kinetic screening — 768 small-molecule fragments, 24 hours, 1 experiment
  • High sensitivity, low noise for high affinity binding pairs
  • Determine level of protein aggregation